One location for all the discount codes, coupons and my favorite gear!

Thanks to our collaboration and sponsorship with top brands, we can offer a wide range of savings on your favorite survival gear and equipment.  Check out the links below and bear in mind that when you purchase with these links, you help support our mission!

➡️ Portable Power Stations:
Rockman 200W Portable Power Station:
Rockman 120W/60W Foldable Solar Panels:
*save 22% discount code: THESURVIVALOUTPOST
1800W Portable Power Station:
*save $100, discount code: EFSurvivalOutpost

➡️ Food Preps:
14 Day Emergency Food Kit:

➡️ First Aid
SurviveWare First Aid Kit:
*save 10% discount code: TSOUTPOST10

➡️ Everyday Carry Gear:
5.11 Tactical Defender Jeans:
Allman EDC Folder:
Leatherman Skeletool:
Wolf Tactical Rigger Belt:
Wowtac BSS V4:

➡️ Bushcraft Gear: 
Silky Pocket Boy 170:
DRIX Bushcraft Grill:
Mora Kansbol Knife:
Armadillo Tool Roll:
1" Scotch Eye Auger Bit:
Annihilate Tactical Shovel:

➡️ Survival Gear: 
FLIR Scout TK:
Arcturus Survival Blanket:
DD Frontline Hammock:
DD 3x3 Tarp:
Vortex Optics Solo R/T:
Direct Action Dragon Egg:
CNOC Water Bladder:
Backpacking Trowel:
Sawyer Mini:

➡️ Current Vehicle Gear Rotation:
3V Gear Transit Redline Pack:
3V Gear Smuggler Duffle Bag:
Maxpedition Prepared Citizen:
SurviveWare Waterproof First Aid Kit:
MTM Ammo Can:
MTM Ammo Crate:
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