Russian Army Issue GORKA-4 Uniform


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      Hello! These uniform in the Russian army, they are ready for the rigors of Russia (snow, mud, water, rocks, cold and many others)

      Russian soldiers wear these shoes every day (run, march, walk through the forest)

      Ideal for hiking, paintball, airsoft, airsoft, hunting and fishing.

       -webs BASICS TENT - reliable protection against all weather conditions such as storms, rain, wind - not a hindrance!

      -HLOPOK 100% makes you feel comfortable even in the hottest weather. Your skin "breathe."

      -Color Khaki - IT camouflage even better than camouflage.

      BACK elongated jacket free cut - do not hesitate to your movements during outdoor activities. -Only You concentrate on your favorite business, not worry about the uncomfortable clothes.


       -That's Right place allows you to keep under control every movement!

      Lots of functional pockets (shirt - 5 pants - 6). This helps to keep your hands free and put up with what you need.

      -USILIVAYUSCHIE Figured lining in most places treat emphasizes strength. Knees pull.

      DOUBLE adjustable hood with visor allows a clear fit the size of the head, and there is no worry that it goes down or derail the wind.

      -BRYUKI SAFE seat is kept free! The belt and the bottom with a rubber band. ELEVATOR included.

      -Important High durability requirements? ISK is very difficult to hit or damaged.

       Production at the plant in St. Petersburg, Russia

       All sizes AVAILABLE! 


      Shipping is FREE to anywhere in the world. Tracking number included.

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