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Posted on September 13 2016

Gym Bag

I’m a firm believer in multi purpose equipment, gear that serves in a variety of roles. The Smuggler duffle bag fits that requirement perfectly, so when I had a chance to pick one up, I jumped on it. Once it arrived, it took all of two seconds to see it would be a great replacement for my aging Nike gym bag. The water-resistant PVC Tarpaulin shell allows me to literally hose down my bag to keep it clean. Since I’m at the gym nearly every day, my bag gets heavy use and as a result gets dirty as all hell. It’s usually covered inside with a layer of chalk, Gatorade spills and who knows what else.

In addition to the rugged shell, The guys at 3V Gear decided to cover the entire base with 600 D (Denier) which is a super tough polyester fabric. This design ensure the bag is nearly water proof, capable of keeping out the elements while keeping the contents clean and dry. Daisy chain loops are sewn on each side, providing six total attachment points for extra gear.

Gym Bag

Everything is overdone on this bag including reinforced seams and YKK zippers with pulls. The lid is shaped to overlay the zippers and teeth, protecting from dirt and muck.

Gym Bag

The Smuggler duffle bag comes in 3 sizes – 45L, 60L and the massive 85L size. I’m using the 45L which fits my gear perfectly, leaving extra room for a change of clothes. There’s not much in the way of organizational setup inside the bag, just a large mesh pocket under the lid, enough space for my shampoo and deodorant. Stowed in the main compartment are my gym essentials:

1. Schiek Powerlifting Belt:
2. Revgear Boxing Gloves:
3. Ab Wheel:
4. Golds Gym Speed Rope:
5. Resistance Bands:
6. Wrist Wraps:

Gym Bag

On the top, padded grab handles are available with the addition of shoulder straps, making it easy to convert into backpack mode. This makes sense when you need to load up actual weight, aside from the usual gym gear. If the shoulders strap get in the way, it’s easy enough to remove.

Gym Bag

Gym Bag

Aside from using as a gym bag, the Smuggler duffle can be packed up for any purpose. I’m spending some time on the road this month so the bag will be crammed with my filming gear, clothes, food and whatever else I can fit. Thanks to the thick PVC construction, I’m not concerned about damage from rough use, which is always a bonus.

Overall, this bag provides a flexible and rugged way to transport your gear, whether you’re headed to the gym or overseas. Of course nothing is perfect and the Smuggler duffle is no different. After a month of non stop use, I found myself really wanting another pocket for storage. In regards to the shoulder straps, there was no retainer so keeping them tidy required some black electrical tape. After talking to 3V Gear about these little tweaks, they added sling keepers to their existing stock. Plans are in the the works to add another pocket in the next production run. So the odds are high that the bag you pick up will be an upgrade on mine.

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