Russian Camouflage – Partizan M Suit


Russian Camouflage Partizan-M

I’m going to start this post with a honest confession, I’m a camouflage addict. I love researching camo patterns, love buying them and love using them in the field. This addiction has been with me for years now and I don’t expect it to end anytime soon! In my search for the best camo patterns for my region, I’m starting to see that the Russians have the market on lock for patterns. Last time I checked they have at least 20 patterns produced and probably even more that I don’t know about. Today we’re going to address one of my favorite patterns, the Russian Partizan M.

Russian Camouflage History

This Russian camouflage is based on the Waffen-SS Oak Leaf (Eichenlaubmuster) pattern. During WW2, the Germans were one of the first to implement military issued camouflage. However, as compared to the Allies, they was unequivocally the most prolific developer and user of camouflage designs during the war. After the war ended, many countries used these patterns to develop their own designs. The Russians followed the German path by producing tons of varied camo patterns.

Waffen-SS Oak Leaf

Aside from developing a variety of camo, Germans also made heavy use the smock concept. Instead of having a full button down top, the smock is a half button with large wide pockets designed to carry your first line kit. Russians designers incorporated it into this suit.

Production of Partizan pattern started back in 2004 and evolved into this suit which is called the Partizan-M.

Current Russian Patterns:

German WW2 Camo:


It’s easy to see from the pictures that the suit is reversible. One side for Autumn, one side for Spring. In my area, we rarely get snow, so the subdued side is perfect for the winter season. Then in late spring/early summer, I can flip the suit to the Spring side which has more green color in the pattern.

First Impressions

This suit is a heavy duty construction, made from 33% cotton / 67% polyester. The smock top has 4 pockets and the bottoms have the same amount. Pockets have button closure as well as button fly on the trousers. Elbows & knees are generously reinforced and the designers at SPOSN have taken the added measure of sewing in loops to the hood, arms and back of the smock, allowing the wearer to add burlap straps or vegetation to further breakup their pattern in the field.

Both tops and bottoms are designed to be baggy and loose, making it easy to layer up in winter and keep the suit breathable during hotter months. The end of the sleeves and trousers are elastic but loose enough not to be annoying.


Overall, this suit is well worth the $230 price tag. You get two camo patterns in a heavy duty construction that is sure to stand up to years of abuse in the field. The pattern is very effective for the appropriate season. The addition of the hood is a bonus that not only insulates during the winter but also helps to break up your profile. Add face paint or a shemagh to the suit and you can easily disappear from only a few yards away.

Check out the videos below to see the camo in action in both Winter & Spring conditions.

Pick and choose your own Russian Camouflage suit from our Store:

SSO Partizan-M:

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