Keeping It Budget: Tactical Bug Out Bag Challenge

Building a proper 72hr bag can be tricky and pricey. If you’re new to the game, the amount of information and options can be overwhelming. Most people either don’t get started or never finish the process. A few actually finish the project but probably spend entirely too much money along the way.

However, the process of building a Bug Out Bag doesn’t have to be complex, confusing or costly. Lets get started by setting a budget so spending doesn’t go wildly off the rails.

For the purpose of this challenge, we set the cap at $100, typically anything past the magical $100 mark is proven to spark a bit of anxiety and concern about cost.

Our first step is selection of the backpack, which is usually one of the most expensive purchases, apart from tools and firearms. After a bit of research and field testing, I chose the Reebow Gear 72hr Tactical Pack. This bag is huge on space and options but with a price tag on par with a school book bag.

Check out the highlights below:

> Constructed from water resistance fabric with maximum 40L capacity
> Size approx.: 13″20″11″ / 33*50*28CM (W*H*D)
> MOLLE system on the exterior with a total of 6 compression straps
> Heavy duty double stitching and zippers with lanyard pulls
> Comfortable/breathable padded straps and back panel
> Elastic adjustable sternum strap
> Four compartments ranging from mini to extra large in size
> Extensive organization panels, elastic straps and mesh pockets.

Listed above are just a few features of this pack. The MOLLE webbing enables much versatility for adding/removing pouches and gear dependent on the mission at hand. Reinforced grab handle and sturdy shoulder straps make transport quick and easy. Based on preference, the user can remove the waist straps for lighter loads.

The pack can be used for virtually any purpose that comes to mind, from 72hr survival, a casual camping trip or as a large gym bag for all your essential workout gear.

I chose to pack it out as my go to Bug Out Bag for a low threat environment IE natural disasters which is the most common likely bug out situation most of us will face in our lifetime.

Apart from having tons of space for my survival tools, shelter and more, this pack also provides lots of options for keeping your gear organized.

One detail to note is that this pack does not have a frame so proper care must be taken when choosing and packing your gear. I found that I can carry about 40lbs in comfort without concerns about the pack sagging under the weight.

Overall, this pack is not only a great price point, currently listed at $39.99, but the reviews are all 4 and 5 stars with diverse input from civilian and military personnel who use and love this pack. Multiple colorways are available from the classic Black to the Woodland Digital camouflage pattern.

Get more details on this pack at the link below and be sure to use Discount Code THESURVIVALOUTPOST to save 30% at checkout!


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