How to Form the Habit of Fitness in the New Year

Posted on February 24 2017

New Year, new you. When this statement is made it is generally met with a deep sigh and an eye roll. However, if you can find it within you to take this phrase to heart, perhaps you will gain some personal ground. Implementing fitness goals can be one of the most daunting tasks you will ever take on but it is also the most rewarding. Here’s a few ways this “new you” can begin to excel in the year to come.

Recognize the Benefits

A lot of people decide to start incorporating exercise and fitness into their lives for vanity reasons. Some want to look good in a bathing suit by spring. Others may do it to look great in the gym. While a nice body can be a good reason to workout, let that be the byproduct of your efforts. Exercise is beneficial to your health in many ways. It reduces stress, increases your energy and improves your mood. When you exercise, you are doing something great for your body and your general health that will support you on the long term side of things. Keep these benefits in mind when you need to muster up the energy to keep your routine on the days that seem the hardest. Remind yourself that you are committed to fitness because it represents one of the best forms of supreme self care.

Be realistic

Now that you’ve recognized the benefits of fitness and exercise, it’s important that you have realistic expectations of yourself. When you are trying to form a habit, there are a few things that feel more disappointing than not being able to accomplish a goal. However, bear in mind that not all goals have to be so lofty. Start with small, manageable steps that will lead up to your biggest goal. If your goal is to run a 10k, start training yourself by walking or jogging for small increments at a time. Over time, you will build up the stamina and endurance it takes to run a 10k. Perhaps your next goal after will be to train for a mini-marathon! Whatever your goals are, you must remember to met yourself exactly where you are, right now. Give yourself room to grow and you will never fall short of your expectations.

Outfit Yourself

No proper fitness regime is complete without some quality gear such as running shoes, shirts, and shorts.  One of our favorite sites has all the details, click over to see more running tips here. If you need more insight on choosing exercise equipment, check out this super detailed write-up by Jen Reviews. Once you’re squared away in that department and feeling good with new gear then it’s time to set goals.

Measure your short-term goals with time

A common mistake made when setting goals such as weight-loss or forming a fitness routine is that there is no endpoint. Without a timeframe, there is no sense of urgency to meet your goals. When too much time lapses from the start date of your resolution, interest will dwindle and other circumstances will begin to take priority over your goals. When you put a deadline on your goal, it automatically ignites a fire within you to push until you can say you’ve met it! Record your short-term goals and monitor your progress along the way. Adding this call to action in your routine is a surefire way to ensure that you will honor your New Year’s resolution.

Stating your New Year’s resolution is the easy part —it takes little effort to talk about what you want to do. The real work lies in the actions behind what you say. If you really want to become a “new you” this year, then you must do what you have never done. Insanity is repetitively doing the same thing, yet expecting different results. Don’t let not being able to keep your resolutions drive you insane —rather make a plan, stick to it, and amaze yourself in the process!

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