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Field Expedient Repairs

Field Repair Kit

Here’s the scenario, you and a friend are out in the field for a few days, on a recon mission,  checking out a new training site deep in the mountains.  At the end of day one, you break out the shelter and proceed to setup a small campsite. In the process of shelter setup, you notice a large 4×4 inch rip in your shelter. The rain is starting to come down, but it’s not a problem, you grab your repair kit, cut out a section of nylon and using Black Silicone Adhesive, you repair the rip and enjoy a nice dry night in your shelter.

Repair Essentials

It really doesn’t matter if you are out for hours or days in the field. Being able to repair your gear is a necessity that cannot be ignored. You might need to repair a pair of boots that were ripped on the side, or seal a seam that is come undone. This is even more necessary if you are packing the proverbial “bugout” bag, when you don’t have an expectation of return. Boots wear out, clothes get ripped, material gets damaged, in a nutshell, sh1t happens and you need the ability to repair and continue the mission.

The repair should be good enough to last for the remainder of the mission and beyond if needed. Here are the 3 items I carry in my kit. The Speedy Stitcher was just added, thanks to a suggestion by a friend.

I also carry a large piece of BDU cloth I cut out of an old issue blouse and a section of old poncho. I can use these materials for pretty much any kind of repair.

Shoe Goo: 

Field Repair Kit

As the name implies, this is used for boot or shoe repair.  Mend soles, repair rips and even prevent your shoelaces from fraying.


Speedy Stitcher:

Field Repair Kit
This handy little tool is almost as great as bringing a sewing machine with you, minus the weight. The thread is very strong but easy to stitch using the tool.


Black Silicone Adhesive:

Field Repair Kit
If you’re super lazy and don’t feel like sewing, the adhesive can be used. Lately, I used it to put a patch on my ripped nylon basha.




The topic of gear repair might not be sexy, but it’s necessary. So before you run out and buy another “nice to have” part for your AR or buy that new MOLLE pouch, make sure your repair kit is squared away. For more info on the topic check out this great writeup I found on

Fix It: How To Repair Hiking Gear

How to Pack for a Backpacking Trip

Feel free to comment and let me know what you carry in your gear, I’m always looking for new options when it comes to field repairs.


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