Every Day Carry Gear: The Sound Grenade

Sound Grenade

Personal security is a critical component in any serious survival strategy. Firearms and knives are the obvious options, but how about wearable personal protection? There are many environments where your favorite handgun or folding blade are not allowed. Airports, government buildings to name a few. The solution to this problem is the Sound Grenade. It’s stupid simple to use, weighs next to nothing and fits in any space you choose.

Operating the device is basic, pull the pin and the Sound Grenade emits a 120 decibel siren which nobody can ignore. The alarm will continue until the pin is replaced or in 30 minutes it will shut off automatically. This type of alarm has multiple uses in both urban and wilderness environments. Here’s my top three ways to use the Sound Grenade:

1. Deter would be assailants: The size of the Sound Grenade makes it perfect for attachment to a key chain, inside of a purse or other every day carry item. Activating the Sound Grenade is a quick way to distract a threat, giving you time to access a weapon or escape the area.

Sound Grenade
2. SOS Alarm: Add the Sound Grenade to your survival gear, replacing the old school survival whistle. The high decibel siren put out by the device can attract rescue to your location.

Sound Grenade
3. Perimeter Alarm: Secure your campsite or bug out location with a few Sound Grenades and sleep peacefully, knowing that anything tripping the wire will pull the pin, activating the alarm and alerting you to the breach.

Sound Grenade

Thanks to the slim size, it’s easy enough to carry the Sound Grenade in virtually any environment. My wife carries it on the key chain while I decided to use mine as an experiment in a DIY Perimeter alarm. Additional bonus is the water resistant construction which makes me consider if this would be a good option for boaters to have on hand. Sound travels well across open space, making the Sound Grenade a potential asset to a boater who has capsized.

The best purchase option is at Amazon where you can get free shipping if you’re a Prime Member.

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