Enhance Your Kit – Add Body Armor


Humans have been using it since the beginning of time to protect themselves for attack on the battlefield. Body armor has come along way since the days of the knights and now is finally a sensible addition to your survival strategy.

It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself a prepper, survivalist, concerned citizen, etc. We all have the same end game. Survival in bad times. We stock up on food, ammo, guns, maybe buy some remote land and build a cabin, put in a bunker, there’s tons of ways to prepare.

We make plans for fleeing to our hideout or plans to shelter in place. There’s million scenarios to prepare for, each one has it’s own unique set of challenges.

In the process of my own preps, I started to consider adding body armor to the equation. This was after I took care of the basics – food, shelter & security.  Now you might say, body armor is too heavy or makes you a target, etc and I would agree with you. But it depends on the situation. When you’re planning out a survival strategy you want to be flexible and adaptable. There are really no black & whites. Like they say, no plan survives first contact. You got to be able to adapt to the threat and that’s were body armor comes into play.

Soft Body Armor

There are two basic types of body armor – soft  & plate armor. Let’s talk about low visibility body armor. This is going to be the soft body armor you can wear under your shirt. The same stuff police wear. It’s low profile, doesn’t attract attention and will protect you from pistol calibers such as 9mm, .45, etc. This type of armor is perfect for the evac scenario. Depending on where you live, you may need to leave your home to avoid a natural disaster, rioting, terror attack, etc. This armor is rated up to NIJ IIIA.

For more specifics on armor, hit this link & let the guys at Infidel Armor break it down in more detail: http://bit.ly/1GsW7Ic

Body Armor

Even outside of some kind of SHTF event, soft armor is perfect for protection against the guy who thinks it’s a good idea to break into your house at 3am. If you have time to grab your pistol, you probably have time to throw on a vest and engage the threat.

Soft armor is also going to be easy enough on your budget and can be found in variety of sizes and styles.

Plate Armor

That covers the low visibility armor, now let’s get more serious and talk about plate armor. This is the stuff you see our military wearing, the big heavy steel or ceramic plates that go into a chest rig. Plate armor can stop rifle calibers and has saved countless lives on the battlefield. Plus it looks cool which is a big factor when SHTF, <insert sarcasm here>.  This armor does have it’s downsides. It’s going to require you to purchase a plate carrier to hold the plates and of course you’ll need to get the plates as well. The basic setup would be a plate carrier and one 10×12 steel or ceramic plate. Depending on your needs, you can add a plate on the back as well as plates on the side to protect your lungs and vitals from a side shot.

Body Armor

Either way, it’s going to weigh you down and it is going be high visibility. Since that is the case, you obviously would not wear this in a typical survival situation. Plate armor is better suited for a static defensive scenario where you are defending your house from attack by zombies, UN forces or whatever OPFOR you expect to encounter. Another situation would be if you were assaulting an enemy position or engaging in direct fire contact with an opposing force. The odds of this happening are obviously quite slim. We’re talking about a total SHTF situation, no rule of law, every man for himself or some kind of revolution. If it ever go that bad, you would be pretty damn happy to have the armor on hand.

For my planning, I have purchased soft armor which resides right next to my pistol pulling nightstand duty. In the future I plan on buying some plates to go with my chest rig, but at this time, my funds are going towards other survival related projects.


If you are planning on purchasing plate carriers and armor, now is a great time. Prices have never been lower, there are tons of companies cranking out the carriers and the plates. Some are better than others. When it comes this kind of gear I prefer to err on the side of paying more for good quality.

We currently have some great deals at the Outpost, for about $250, you can get a 10×12 plate and molle plate carrier. At that price, you can’t go wrong, check out the details below:

Condor Operator Plate Carrier
Purchase: http://bit.ly/1d95MKg


AR500 10×12 Plate
Purchase: http://bit.ly/1ca3EBk


If that doesn’t fit your needs, I’ve compiled a list of the top three sites that offer body armor and carriers. One even offers package deals which brings the price down even lower. For about $300 you can outfit yourself with a good set of plates and a quality plate carrier.

Check out some the sites I’ve listed below and thanks for sharing and commenting!

Package Deals (Plate Carrier & Armor): http://bit.ly/1nbrgZs
Infidel Armor: http://bit.ly/1vhrkGx
AR500 Armor: http://bit.ly/1wgM4CU

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