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Paracord has come a long way since it’s first use in World War II. People figured out quickly that paracord has tons of practical applications, from replacing boot laces to lashing wood for shelters. As a result an industry was born to fill the need. We started to see wearable paracord in the form of bracelets. Then somebody got the bright idea to incorporate survival items into the bracelet.  This concept was a big step forward in EDC paracord, providing the ability to carry a basic survival kit directly on the your person.

However, not all survival bracelets are created equal. Some are priced so high you might have to sell your first born child. Some are made with inferior products and aren’t worth the cost of shipping. But there are some that hit the  sweet spot with good price and quality design.  The XCountry Pro happens to hit that mark. The bracelet is made by Pack River Survival Gear, a Canadian based small business. They specialize in wearable survival kits and other gear vital for keeping your ass alive in a survival situation.



The bracelet makes a great balance between providing a working foundation of survival items and not going overboard. Since nobody wants to break down a bracelet just to use one item, the crew at Pack River ensure that the critical, most used components were easy to access.

The compass is centered in the middle and the ferro rod and striker are build into each end making life just a bit easier. Inside the bracelet is a whistle, surgical tubing and survival kit. The surgical tubing is a cool addition that has a multitude of uses. It can be used as a tourniquet or to construct a sling shot. The whistle works in pretty much any conditions and cranks out 100db which is more than enough to attract rescue to your location.

EDC Paracord

EDC Paracord

The survival kit is stored inside a water tight drinking tube that contains essentials for fishing:

  1. 2 #8 Steel Hooks
  2. 2×4 mm split shots
  3. 10 meters of 30 pound fishing line
  4. 2 x 20mm safety pins.


Also include is a few bundles of 100% cotton which serves as a great tinder.

EDC Paracord

The XCountry Pro retails for $28.45 USD, making it the best value on the market that I’ve seen in my time. Other companies sell above $50 and others above $100. If you’re in the market for an affordable survival bracelet, then the XCountry Pro is going to be a great choice. You can check out this bracelet and others at their website and also on their Facebook page. They run monthly giveaways which is always a big attraction. Everyone loves free gear!

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