Dark Energy Poseidon: Torture Tested & Proven

Posted on April 24 2016

Modern technology gives us the ability to document our lives in a way that nobody could have envisioned. Cameras, tablets, cellphones and other devices make things just a bit more interesting but come with a high price. The insatiable need for power. At some point, usually at the worst time, the last bit of power runs out and your expensive gadget magically transforms into worthless pile of plastic.

Now enter the world of battery packs and the ability to charge any USB device anywhere at anytime. Needless to say, not all are created equal. Most power packs are designed without much thought to durability or hard use. This is fine for most situations, but what happens when it’s time to hit the field for a three day training exercise in harsh conditions? Is your power pack ready for the unforgiving conditions that Mother Nature loves to dish out?

Torture Tested & Proven

For those of us who spend serious time in the forest, getting dirty, wet and all around nasty, we need a charger that can handle our lifestyle. That’s where the Dark Energy Poseidon comes into the picture.  Forgot about those cute gimmicky chargers, this little beast doesn’t care much about looks, fancy branding or logos.

It is designed from the ground up to endure pretty much anything and still charge your essential devices, no matter the climate or situation. The Dark Energy Poseidon is sealed up tighter than a camels ass in a sand storm, so go for swim or leave it floating in the river, no worries, it is 100% waterproof (IP68).

That’s a huge selling point for me and beyond that, the case is virtually indestructible, having been subjected to the US Military MIL-STD-810 standards.  This basically means its been torture tested to death and still survived.

If you still need proof, check out this video that includes trial by shotgun blast.


The Dark Energy Poseidon has two USB ports, 2.4 and 1.0 amp. It’s a nice touch that lets me charge my phone and camera simultaneously. The charger has 10,000 mAh of power which means multiple recharges for a variety of devices:

Dark Energy Poseidon

Smartphone (3-6x)
Two-way Radio (4-8x)
GPS (3-5x)
Tablet (1-3x)
Bluetooth Speaker (4-7x)
Trail Cam (4-5)
Rangefinder (6-8x)

For a baseline test, I hooked up my cellphone which was completely dead to see how long a full charge would take. Turns out it’s pretty damn fast, about 90 minutes from dead battery to a 100% capacity charge.

It did take just a bit longer to charge my Ipad, but it was still more than reasonable. Considering the fact that I leave my phone off when I’m out in the forest, I can see the Poseidon serving for extended periods of time.

Aside from USB ports, the charger also has a built in LED light which can be switched to flashing strobe (SOS Beacon) by a simple button click. The charger also has a micro USB cable as you might expect, however somebody had the great idea to wrap the cable in 2 feet of paracord. The wrap keeps the cable protected and the added bonus is extra cordage. A win/win situation last time I checked!

Dark Energy Poseidon

As part of the purchase, Dark Energy includes a carabiner and nylon strap, making it easy to hang this anywhere, from MOLLE webbing or the inside of a tent. Surprisingly, the charger is very light and sports a slim profile, making it easy to slip into a bdu pocket or interior pack compartment.


After a week of testing, I’m confident that this charger is the best pick for anyone who spends serious time in the outdoors.

No matter the activity, the Poseidon covers all the bases, not only keeping your devices charged, but more importantly, not failing in the process. It has earned a place in my gear, replacing that flimsy charger by a company that will remain unsaid, except to say part of their name rhymes with Hero.

The Poseidon is available on Amazon in two different flavors, the all black or in Realtree camo. If you don’t like Realtree but still want some camouflage, grab a roll of camo tape like I did and do it yourself. Finally if you happen to need extra paracord wrapped cables, those are also available in their Amazon storefront.

Purchase: Amazon

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