Cleaning Guns Like A Pro

Posted on December 05 2016

cleaning guns

Let’s face it, cleaning guns isn’t exactly fun, but it’s a necessary evil. My “cleaning kit” has been a mix of greasy rags, brushes and solvents. Sure it’s not the best setup but it works. Invariably, brushes would be missing, my work bench would get dirty and I’d have to do another cleanup. Not the end of the world but annoying as hell. Finally my OCD kicked and I decided to get professional.

Thanks to a little research and connections, I decided to check out Tekmat, a US company based in Utah.  They offer a big line up of cleaning mats made with soft polyester and a neoprene rubber bottom that prevents slipping. I can clean guns at the kitchen table or the garage with zero mess and protect the finish of my firearm at the same time. The parts diagram is a great reference and teaching aid which also ensures ease of reassembly.  Choose a mat specific to your firearm, Tekmat currently has over 30 to choose, from ranging from H&K to Colt and Smith & Wesson.

cleaning guns

The handgun & rifle cleaning mats cover the basics, but Tekmat has other options, specifically their lineup of cleaning kits. This is where they have made a truly unique product, a cleaning kit built into the mat.  When it’s time to clean, unroll the mat and immediately have access to everything you need. Brushes, patches and other cleaning items fit snugly inside elastic loops sewn into the mat.

cleaning guns


When the clean up is done, it’s easy to secure all the equipment, roll up the mat and stow it away. This roll-style cleaning kit & mat is a great way to upgrade your existing cleaning kit or get started from nothing. With a cleaning kit this organized, you might find yourself cleaning your guns more than usual.

The only “downside” was finding a container for patches after the initial supply ran out. I found that a small tobacco tin is a perfect fit in the large elastic loop. The tin has enough space for several hundred cleaning patches which lasts for a while!

Now that I have a proper cleaning kit, the focus is on getting more trigger time!

Get your own cleaning mat below and don’t forget to check out the reviews, they speak volumes to the quality that Tekmat provides.

Cleaning Mat:
Cleaning Kit & Mat:

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