Bugout Gear: Stay Spikey Survival Kit & Maxpedition Pouch

There are four basic survival needs in nearly any situation:  water, fire, shelter and food. Cover these essentials and your chances at survival improve greatly.  Survival kits obviously play a big role in ensuring your readiness. The design of the kit may vary, but there are typically two common factors – Size and Quality.

Your average commercial survival kit focuses on compact size and not so much on quality.  The crew at Wild Hedgehog Tactical decided to focus on quality first, actually taking survival seriously over making a quick profit. In a world of hype and cheap ripoffs, this is a welcome sight.

The Stay Spikey Survival Kit is their vision on how to build a functional and comprehensive survival kit. It’s compact, portable and made with quality components. The key word here is portable, making the SSSK a great way to add redundancy.

The pouch easily attaches to PALS webbing or can be worn on your belt. Instead of building multiple survival kits, the SSSK can be the foundation that is moved between your primary packs or vehicles as the mission requires. Anything extra can be added per the situation.Survival Kit

Produced by Maxpedition, the pouch is constructed of 1000D Nylon with multiple options for organization. There are a total of three compartments including a zipper pocket, mesh pocket and open pocket on the inside. The full clam shell design makes it very easy to open and locate what you need, when you need it.  A coat of DuPont Teflon Fabric Protector repels the elements, protecting the contents.

Survival Essentials

Suunto Button Compass
MCR Emergency Blanket
Star Flash Signaling Mirror
Fishing Kit – Line, Hooks, Sinkers
Aluminum Foil
MTech Neck Knife

Survival Kit

Water Purification

Sawyer Mini: Filter rated up to 100k gallons. Includes filter straw, plunger and 16 oz squeeze pouch.

Survival Kit

Individual First Aid Kit

Steri-Strips (Wound Closure Strips)
Johnson & Johnson Gauze Pads
OTC medicines
NAR Compressed Gauze

Survival Kit

Fire Starting

Colghans Water Proof Matches
Friendly Swede Magnesium Bar & Striker
Cotton Tinder

Survival Kit


Emptied of its contents, we can truly see how much organizational capability Maxpedition provides. One could easily repurpose the pouch for any type of storage, ranging from a dedicated tool kit to a comprehensive fire kit. Quality gear means added confidence and survivability. Obviously there is zero substitute for skill and real world application. The best approach is train consistently with your gear until it fits you like a glove. The SSSK has all the essentials to make that happen.

Survival Kit

The pouch is constructed so well, it’s literally plug and play, just grab it and hit the trail. If you prefer to customize further, it’s easy enough to swap out items for your own picks. Either way, it’s a win/win situation. Wild Hedgehog Tactical can be found at their main website and also on Facebook. Apart from comprehensive kits like the SSSK, they also specialize in medical kits for major trauma and overall first aid kit.

More about the Stay Spikey Survival Kit: http://amzn.to/1TUf3Xv

Maxpedition Fatty Pocket Organizer: http://amzn.to/1P0SQ5K

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