Bug Out Bag Survival Kit: Fishing And Hunting BOSS

Step into the world of survivalist and prepper gear and you’ll find a wealth of survival kits for sale. Roadside emergency? There’s a kit for that. Need to start a fire? There’s a kit for that and any of your survival needs, except for one – acquiring food. Of course, the first step when it comes snagging your next meal is learning how to fish. You can get some great info from fishinggadgetshub.com. Same is true when it comes to hunting deer or other wild game. Once you’ve done your research, it’s time to find the gear AKA the kit to fit your needs. Now  to be fair, there are some “fishing and hunting” kits on the market, but it’s nothing more than fishing tackle and snare wire tossed in a box with a logo.

When it seemed that my Google Fu had failed me, I stumbled on the Holy Grail, a dedicated fishing and hunting kit. No, its not made in China and yes it has everything you need for catching and trapping your own food. This niche kit is the Fishing And Hunting BOSS (Bugout Survival Supplement), produced by Stanford Outdoor Supply.

Designed by a former Boy Scout, this kit ships in a highly compact waterproof bag with 127 items for catching fish, trapping game and taking down rodents with a sling shot. It weighs in at just 10oz and makes a perfect fit in your Bug Out Bag or in a large cargo pocket. Contained in this small package is everything below:

Fishing And Hunting BOSS

  • 1 Yo-yo automatic fishing reel
  • 100 yds. 8-lb test line
  • 20 ft 50-lb test line
  • 2-1.5” foam floats
  • 25 reusable lead weights
  • 30 premium baitholder hooks
  • 4 jig heads
  • 20 swivels
  • 1 6’ nylon stringer
  • 5 artificial lures
  • 5 artificial grubs
  • 5 salmon eggs
  • 1 folding multi-tool
  • 1 slingshot band
  • 6 3/8 slingshot ammo
  • 4 4” zip ties
  • 20 ft snare wire
  • 6 screw eyes
  • 2 L-screws
  • 5 safety pins
  • 1 razor blade
  • 15′ #36 Bank line
  • 1 waterproof survival instruction sheet

The Fishing And Hunting BOSS adheres to the concept of task specific kits, designed to “plug and play” into any set of gear. This makes it extremely easy to fill the gaps in your survival gear. Stanford Outdoor Supply produces a Shelter BOSS, a Navigation BOSS, a Fire BOSS and most likely there are more kits in the works.  In theory, one could build an entire Bug Out Bag from the bottom up, using these BOSS kits and save some serious $$$ in the process.

Now comes the best news about the BOSS, it’s only $19.99, a price that beats any potential competition. The rest of the BOSS lineup are priced just as good with the same quality gear.

Get your kit HERE and don’t forget to follow Stanford Outdoor Supply on Facebook.

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