My Everyday Carry (EDC): Vertx Commuter Sling Bag

My Everyday Carry (EDC): Vertx Commuter Sling Bag

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Everyday Carry Gear

Before we step out the door for work or play, we always have our everyday carry gear in hand. It can be as simple as a wallet and keys or a pack. Depending on profession or daily needs, the gear will vary. Like millions of Americans, I work in the technology sector and my EDC reflects this.

Over the course of the last few years, I’ve worked hard to build a low profile pack. My job affords me the freedom to work remote or on the road. Small creature comforts such as a toothbrush and toothpaste can make a big difference. USB drives, battery packs and charging cables are essential to staying connected.

For this build, I’ve chosen a sling bag over a traditional pack. Based on experience and needs, I finally settled on the Vertx Commuter pack. This grayman style pack has all the features I need including a truly innovative sling design.

The Commuter breaks from tradition with a new configuration and design. Instead of simply adding a diagonal strap, the guys at Vertx added a semi-detached padded back panel. The strap is secured to a reinforced point at the top of the panel. The other end is attached to a beefed up padded section sewn directly into the base.

This design enables the sling to ride snug on the back with no movement. If needed, I can use the additional retainer strap which stows away behind the back panel.

In the course of testing sling bags, I found two issues. The first is weight distribution. Invariably, items shift in the pack over time and end up settling at the bottom. The Commuter solves this issue by creating “stackable” compartments, each slightly smaller than the last, each with weight centered in the middle.

The other issue is zipper malfunctions, most common on packs with angled corners. However, thanks to the long angled horizontal zips, there’s no easy way to jam the sliders and teeth.

The exterior is nylon with a subtle geometric print and the logo embroidered in two locations. Each compartment is covered in Velcro compatible fabric finished in tan. This alternate color provides contrast, making it easy to locate essential items.

As I’ve done with previous builds, I identified top-level categories in order to group related gear items, starting with tech.


Staying online and powered up is essential to my daily tasks. I carry a variety of charging cables and related accessories including a USB stick drive. The drive is encrypted to protect all my personal documents with auto sync to the Cloud when plugged in. Power is provided by two battery packs with a combined total of 160k+ mAh. The big ticket item is the HP laptop and finally, I almost always have my journal with me. Journaling can be a self-fulfilling prophecy and truly a cathartic activity.


I decided to divide medical into two groups – major and minor trauma. For the life-threatening injuries, I carry the basics – C.A.T Tourniquet, gloves, shears, clotting agent and gauze. These items are easy to use and don’t recall any form of advanced medical training. The pouch is made by Blackhawk! and is only one of a few I found that use Velcro. In the Vertx Mini Org Pouch, I keep everything else. Bandaids, OTC meds, gauze pads, burn cream and more.

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Keeping practicality in mind, I carry a factory Gen4 Glock 19 w/ two mags. The concealed carry compartment provides tons of space for any variety of weapon setups ranging from handguns to pistol carbines such as the MP5. Use the entire space to store rifle mags, smoke grenades or basically anything slim in profile.

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My tool selection is slim and general purpose in nature. The Leatherman Wingman has been my favorite in 2018 along with the trusty Rite In The Rain pen and the Gerber Impromptu. As a backup to my Benchmade Griptillian, I’ve been using the Kershaw Shuffle a lightweight functional folder.

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Wrap Up

The Vertx Commuter provides a surprising amount of functionality with the added feature of the conceal carry option. I can’t honestly think of one negative attribute about this bag except that maybe it’s a little heavy as compared to other packs. Apart from that minor detail, the pack is a 100% win as a low profile grayman bag.

This bag also provides tons of space with a capacity of 23 liters and size of 18”H x 13”W x 6”D. It’s currently available in Midnight Navy or Black and also supports soft body armor panels. The list of bells and whistles doesn’t seem to end!

Before you pick up one for yourself, be sure to sign up for their mailing list. They usually have big sales, I saved 25% when I purchased my pack. Drop any questions/comments below


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