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Merchant FAQs


The Survival Outpost is a website dedicated to helping merchants connect with buyers. But we're not your average run of the mill e-commerce site. There are tons of websites that offer survival gear, tactical products and the like. More than I can count or care to remember. After a while, they all seem the same because they all offer the same kind of gear. You find bugout bags, plate carriers, chest rigs, fire starters, camo and the list goes on.

We decided to set ourselves apart by only working with merchants who provide unique and custom products. We want to offer buyers an opportunity to browse, shop and purchase products that you have made and designed yourself. Products that you take pride in and stake your business on. We want merchants that have products that are hard to find, items you never see, such as WW2 German camouflage or custom axes made in the USA. The idea is to show buyers items they never even knew existed, products they didn't know they needed until they see what you have to offer!

How Does It Work?

We like to keep it simple because we know time is money. After you REGISTER with us, it takes about 60 seconds on average to create a new product and put it up for sale. We make it a point to promote your product on Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites we manage. Buyers browse our website and if they like your product, they purchase it directly from you using our custom Paypal checkout. You and the buyer are notified of the sale and as a result, a new order is created. You as a merchant can view this order, contact the buyer via email concerning the order and add related shipping details to the order. That's about it, very simple and to the point.

How Much Does It Cost?

Once again, simplicity is the key. We don't mess around with listing fees, order fees, fees to add images, etc. We charge a flat 4% commission when you sell your product. For example, if you sell an item with a total price of $50 (including S&H), our commission is 4% which is $2.00. The commission is deducted directly by Paypal when a buyer purchases a product from your business.

Featured Merchant Program & Benefits

As we mentioned above, we activily promote your products on social media. It's in our best interest and yours that your product sells. But that's not all we provide. We have introduced a Featured Merchant program that you can apply for via our website. This program allows you to showcase your business and the top three products you offer. You provide the details and we create a custom webpage with the following details:

  • Your mission statement and related text
  • Link(s) your social media pages
  • List of your product(s)

Once you approve the content of your webpage, we then make it "Live" and link to it our Facebook and Twitter pages. Whether you are a new business just getting off the ground or an established business, our Featured Merchant program is a a great way for people to learn about your business and what you have to offer!    

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