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Manage Discount Codes


Discounts codes gives you, the merchant, the ability to create your own sales, which is vital to keeping your customers engaged and ready to purchase. The concept of a discount code is simple and straightforward. You have the ability to add and edit discount codes, associate a discount with a product and create a discount code for a store wide sale.

I'll break down the details in the sections listed below

Add A New Discount Code

Once you have logged into your account, click the Selling Tab and then click the Discount Codes link. On this screen you can add a new discount code and manage the ones you have created previously. Any discount code you create that is not linked to a product will be valid for all your products by default. We'll discuss linking a discount code to a product in the next section.

Link Discount Code To A Product

Click the Active Products link on the Selling page, locate the product and then click edit to open the Product Editor page. Select the discount code from the list of active codes and continue to click through until your changes are published. Once complete, the code will be valid for this product only.

Using A Discount Code

When a potential buyer has reached the Purchase page, they can enter the discount code and the price of the item will be adjusted once the Paypal Checkout page loads. The discount is taken off the product price, not the total. For example, a Bahco Laplander is $19.95 + $7.85 S&H and the discount value is 10%, the adjusted price will be $17.95 + $7.85 S&H = $25.80